New Year, New You: Slimming Down With SculpSure

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The new year is a time for new beginnings and the inevitable resolutions — many of which involve losing weight and improving fitness. You analyze your weight-training strategies and fit in cardio and maybe some improvements in flexibility with yoga. Empowered by your new fitness plans, you’re excited to get started on the new you.

Yet, no matter how hard you work, fatty problem areas can linger. Stubborn love handles fail to fade away. No wonder 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. That doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals. At Amour Medical Aesthetics, we can help you achieve the body confidence you deserve and eliminate those stubborn areas of fat with SculpSure® body contouring treatments.

Thwarting stubborn fat’s plan to stick around

The most rigorous of workouts and diet plans often fail to target stubborn fatty tissue. SculpSure body sculpting offers a non-invasive solution to reducing fatty tissue around your abdomen, flanks, and inner and outer thighs. The FDA-cleared treatment is comfortable and safe, and many patients only need two sessions to secure their desired results.

SculpSure works by using a low-level, hyperthermic laser to reduce adipose (fatty) tissue within a 25-minute session. A belt-like device is placed around the target area, where up to four lasers deliver the treatment. Each laser raises the cell temperatures to 116 degrees without harming the skin.

All you feel is a slight warming or tingling sensation during the treatment, and you can return to normal activities afterward with no downtime. You may experience slight stinging or bruising, but this is rare. After the treatment, the damaged cells leak lipids and fat until depleted.

How SculpSure reveals the new you

The body is predisposed to hang on to its fat stores. When you exercise, your body determines which fat stores it burns to create energy. And the body doesn’t always choose the fat you want to be rid of.

That makes it harder for even a well-targeted fitness plan to achieve results in these problem areas. It’s common for hip, belly, and abdominal fat to stick around even after the most rigorous of exercise and dietary approaches.

SculpSure offers an effective, safe, and quick solution to these stubborn areas of fat, even treating smaller areas such as the double chin.

SculpSure destroys up to 24% of fat cells in the target area, and you witness the results over the course of the next six to 12 weeks as the destroyed fat cells are flushed away through your body’s lymphatic system. And those fat cells don’t regenerate.

To maintain your slimmer figure, though, keep up a healthy routine of exercise and eating a balanced diet. SculpSure works the best for those in relatively good shape with a healthy body weight but who struggle with stubborn pockets of body fat in the hips and belly. If your body mass index is over 30, consult with Dr. David Alonso to talk about alternative treatment plans.

Eliminate stubborn fat at its source, and don’t worry about the complications of going under the knife. There is no knife with SculpSure — only the laser-targeted assurance of a reduction in those stubborn pockets of fat.


Schedule a consultation with Dr. Alonso to discuss the benefits of SculpSure to help you create a new you for the new year.

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