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Do you frequently experience heartburn? Or feel a sour burning liquid rising in the back of your throat after you eat? Is it sometimes difficult to swallow? If these symptoms are recurrent, you could have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). As a leading internal medicine physician, Dr. David Alonso and the skilled practitioners at Amour Medical Aesthetics, Inc in Chico, California can help you manage this potentially devastating disorder. Call or book an appointment online today to have your acid reflux evaluated.

Acid Reflux

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What is acid reflux?

Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid rises up the esophagus and causes a burning sensation in the chest or throat. Commonly called heartburn, almost everyone experiences it sometimes (especially after eating fried or fatty foods).

When acid reflux occurs more than twice a week, it can be a symptom of GERD, a disorder that can damage your esophagus (esophagitis), and eventually lead to throat cancer.

What causes acid reflux?

Normally, acid reflux occurs when greasy, rich foods stimulate the overproduction of gastric acid in your stomach. If you experience acid reflux frequently, it can weaken the muscular valve separating the stomach from the esophagus. This allows gastric acid to climb up your esophagus, creating the ongoing discomfort and damage of GERD.

GERD can also be caused by a hiatal hernia, a condition where the top of the stomach pushes through the diaphragm and into the esophagus.

What are the symptoms of acid reflux?

If you experience heartburn or any of these symptoms more than twice a week, you might have GERD:

  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Increased salivary activity
  • Sour taste at the back of your mouth

Am I at risk for acid reflux?

Although usually seen in adults, anyone can develop chronic acid reflux (GERD), even children and infants. While contributing factors like hiatal hernia can be genetic, acid reflux is often caused by unhealthy personal habits, including:

  • Regularly eating rich, spicy, or fatty foods
  • Eating large meals too close to bedtime
  • Gaining weight and becoming obese

How is acid reflux diagnosed?

Using an array of sophisticated diagnostic tools and tests, Dr. Alonso pinpoints the nature and extent of your acid reflux-related issues. Methods that are commonly used include:

  • Analyzing esophageal movement and pressure
  • Measuring acid reflux levels with an esophageal pH study
  • Performing an upper endoscopy to examine the esophageal and stomach lining
  • X-raying the digestive tract with an upper-GI series test

What are treatment options for acid reflux?

The ultimate goal is to relieve your symptoms and heal any damage to the esophagus. Dr. Alonso and his team use an array of pharmaceutical and natural interventions -- dietary changes, weight loss, etc. -- to reduce acid production and promote healing.

If left untreated, persistent acid reflux can lead to severe problems. Call or book an appointment online today to schedule your consultation.

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